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What Kind of Church is Chroma?

Chroma Church is an Evangelical and Spirit-empowered Church.

We are Evangelical historically because our roots, like all who call themselves “Evangelical,” run from Jesus Christ and the earliest Christian churches (1st century) up through the Protestant Reformations of Martin Luther, John Calvin, and the Anabaptists (16th century), the Great Awakening (18th century) and the Second Great Awakening (late 18th-early 19th centuries).

We are Evangelical theologically because we continue to believe in Jesus as the incarnate Son of God, inspired word of God, and the experience of conversion and sanctification for living the Christian life. We are Evangelical practically because we continue to preach the gospel and practice evangelism alongside outworking our faith through works of social justice and reform.

We are  Spirit-empowered historically in the sense of having roots in the Wesleyan-Holiness movements (18th-19th centuries), the Pentecostal Revivals (“First Wave”), the Charismatic movements (“Second Wave”) and the “Third Wave” of the Holy Spirit in the 20th century. We are Spirit-empowered theologically because we hold that receiving the Spirit is a vital experience within the process of conversion. Furthermore, that being “filled” or “empowered” by the Spirit is a normal experience throughout the Christian life. We are “Spirit-empowered” practically because we operate with the full range of the Spirit’s gifts as part of our ministry for the strengthening of the church and for the sake of mission in the world.

We have always described ourselves as “empowered Evangelicals,” holding to the historic orthodox doctrines of the Christian faith and the present-day ministry of the Holy Spirit.

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