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Central to of our local compassion projects is the food bank where we encourage everyone to connect first! Our friendly and welcoming environment helps people to open up to share their story, define their need and provides a gateway for us to offer appropriate care that Compassion offers. We are able to offer parcel deliveries to those who would physically be unable to visit the food bank. Here people in crisis have the opportunity to collect emergency food and supplies for between 3-5 days. We partner with a wide range of agencies and care professionals such as nurses, schools and social workers to identify people in need. 


The people we reach are experiencing a range of different reasons for crisis, such as low income, benefit delays, ill health, no recourse to public funds or another financial insecurity. To refer clients, support services and agencies can access our Referral Form.

We encourage everyone to engage first! If you are somebody in need, could you ask the organisation or person supporting you to request a referral?

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