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Anyone leading in church! Senior leaders, leadership teams, volunteer leaders, leaders-in-training – the invitation is open to your wider team.

About the speakers
Paul & Sue Manwaring
After 15 years of living in California and serving on the Senior Leadership Team of Bethel Church, Paul & Sue Manwaring returned to live in the UK in 2016. The Manwarings continue to represent Bethel in Europe and around the world and to facilitate Global Legacy and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) alumni. Representing Bethel they link with the likes of Jean Luc Trachsel and other European leaders to develop a strategy for the evangelisation of Europe. The Manwarings have a particular emphasis on empowering leaders in every sphere and walk of life. 

Steve & Juliet Barber
Lead Chroma pastors Steve and Juliet Barber moved to Leicester to plant the church 13 years ago with their now grown up children Joel & Emma.  Chroma Church was born from the mission and call of Jesus to “Go make disciples,” expressing God’s love in visible and practical ways to the people of our city and beyond. Their passion is to equip and train leaders in preparation for all God wants for our nation. They believe that this new season of the church will involve living in the presence of the Spirit, but highly evangelistic to fulfil the Fathers heart to “seek and save the lost.”

Worship will be led by Joel Barber and the Chroma worship team.
We see worship and salvation as the primary calls of this house! We believe that we were created to worship Jesus. As we worship Him, it reveals something of heaven here and now, and that releases a natural adoration and draws us into a deeper encounter with the Holy Spirit. Through these encounters we will be a people deeply marked by Him.

Let's seek the Lord and find His peace for this next season. 
We look forward to welcoming you.