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What is Love Your City?

Love Your City is our annual outreach event that gathers the whole church for a week where we bless the city together through using our gifts and talents. Our groups go into communities and neighbourhoods to to serve others and love our neighbours.

I want to get involved but I don’t have a group?

The best way to get involved is come to the Week 1 introductory session where we are gathering everyone interested, both groups and individuals.

Week 1 commences on 24th June

How do I plan a Love Your City outreach?

Have fun! This is the opportunity to recognise the needs of people in your neighbourhood and local communities. Take a look our list of ideas but feel free to go outside of those!

How do I share our outreach project with Chroma during the week?

We would love to know how your group is getting on. You can share photos, tag us on social media, send in photos and email us at

How will the church communicate additional details about Love Your City?

Updates will be available by attending each weekly session. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions on the Sunday of Week 4 at the Love Your City station.

For more information about Love Your City please contact OR if you want to be part of the outreach week please sign up here