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Come along to week one as an individual/group where we will gather discuss the following questions to help decide what you would like to do on a Love Your City project. Come along to the first session to get involved in a Chroma LYC Group!

  • Who in your community has a need?

  • What organisations in your community could use a blessing?

  • What areas are you passionate about?

  • What abilities and gifts do you have in your group which could help to decide how you choose to serve (Teaching, administration, physical labour, worship)

  • What resources does your Chroma Group have access to?

General Ideas

  • Help kids make decorations/crafts for the elderly

  • Deliver fresh flowers given to elderly homes

  • Worship played in elderly homes

  • Help to give out hot breakfast at homeless shelter

  • Help a single mum/person in need clean up their house or garden

  • Help a single mum/person in need look after their children while they go and do something special you organise

  • Host a worship service

  • Help a family in need by offering to take their kids and arranging a day out for them

  • Host a neighbourhood party with live music, games, food

  • Do a community rubbish clean up of a car park/local park

  • Serve free hot drinks to staff and those waiting in Hospitals

  • Deliver hot meals to staff and residents at hostels

  • Help the staff and have fun with the kids at the local Adventure playgrounds

For more information about Love Your City please contact OR if you want to be part of the outreach week please sign up here