18K gold-plated pendants and chain, 0.5" extension chain. Available in 6.5" or 7".


The Desert Rose Collection was inspired by the resiliency of women like May Zu Yin who come to Eden after experiencing immense disappointments and trauma.

They are like the desert flowers that miraculously flourish in the harshest conditions. Zu Yin was one of eight siblings. Her family could never afford to send her to school, although she desperately wanted to go. Leaving her first love back in the village to pursue work in the city, she was disappointed over and over again by poorly paid jobs.

After discovering her boyfriend married another girl, a heartbroken Zu Yin was enticed by an old friend with an attractive job offer. Luckily, the border police intercepted the trafficking attempt, and Zu Yin found her way to Eden. Suffering from PTSD, she pushed everyone away at first. But Zu Yin eventually flourished in counseling, entered a prestigious vocational training program, and made friends with fellow trainees.

Women like Zu Yin must work to overcome so much, and yet they bring great joy to a desolate place just like the bursts of pink, purple, and orange found in the most remote desert environments.

'Desert Wildflower' Bracelet


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