At Chroma Church we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We hope to identify need and to provide people in crisis with the appropriate care; practically, emotionally, and spiritually. To restore value, hope, and empower people to be lifted out of poverty.

Compassion At Chroma

Our vision is to be hope and light for the most vulnerable in Leicester and beyond by showing that we care. As we pursue God’s heart, we hope to see individuals transformed through our food bank, where poverty is rare and rejected.


Central to of our local compassion projects is the food bank where we encourage everyone to connect first!

Our friendly and welcoming environment helps people to open up to share their story, define their need and provides a gateway for us to offer appropriate care that Compassion offers. Here people in crisis have the opportunity to collect emergency food and supplies for between 3-5 days.

We partner with a wide range of agencies and care professionals such as nurses, schools and social workers to identify people in need. To refer clients, support services and agencies can access our Referral Form.

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Acts Of Kindness

We provide a free haircut at our Tuesday food bank session. We believe that simple acts of kindness ignite hope and restore worth and value to people.

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Safe Families From Children

Safe Families for Children help reduce the number of children who need to go into care in the UK.

We believe God loves to see families together. This targets the heart of the Church as a completely voluntary service, where we offer our support to help families who need it.


The Kings Table

We love to see our city transformed by the love of Jesus. We have 4 big dinners that happen across the year where we share a delicious dinner followed by desserts and coffee to the homeless and those who have nowhere else to go.

The guests are seated at a restaurant-style table by a team of volunteers who serve them food and drinks.  We invite them to enjoy a family atmosphere, with lots of food and fun, as we meet practical needs, prophesy life, speak value into those who need it most and serve in love.

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CAP Debt Centre
CAP provides free and non-judgemental advice for those struggling with debt. The team help clients to access support from trained debt advisors at CAP Head office who then come up with realistic budgets and payments, as well as negotiating with creditors. The team also come alongside clients, committing to long-term support and befriending.

CAP Money Management
CAP Money is an opportunity to receive budgeting skills and tools to help you manage your finances, budget, save and prevent debt through one-to-one support sessions and a free course during the year.
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New Growth

We aim to help the vulnerable, the lonely, the lost and all in our community who require support to build New Growth in their lives. We want to see all who encounter our group, turn the green shoots of New Growth into something which is strong and powerful.

We aim to be a fundamental instrument of the Lord’s transforming power in our community. We will create a space where all involved are empowered to fulfil their potential in a community setting where everyone feels protected and loved.

This will be in the form of assisting people to find physical purpose in their lives, finding strength in the skills they use and the skills they develop. While assisting people to find physical purpose, we will be examples of Christ’s love and share the gospel of Jesus Christ, leading them to their spiritual purpose through Christ Jesus.

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With an estimated 40 million people trapped in modern day slavery today; we join Eden to help bring an end to slavery.

Through development programmes, Eden helps to teach the women rescued how to make jewellery.

You can purchase precious jewellery pieces at the Chroma Store on Sunday. We have Eden stalls open throughout the year to browse and read the incredible stories of hope restored.

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