Our Team

Steve & Juliet Barber

Senior Pastors

Steve & Juliet Barber

Senior Pastors

Joel Barber

Worship Pastor

Rachel Bhanu

Operations, Families &
New Life

Tim Churchward

Community & Transformation

Amelia Paynter

Youth & Student's Pastor

Sophie Canfield

Children's Pastor

Maddie Allery

Compassions Pastor

Chris Adams


Kornelija Minkelyte


William Mann

Book Keeper

Emily Bickley


Jacob Woods

Chroma Worship

Tolu Mohammed

Personal Assistant to
Steve & Juliet Barber

Joe Langford

Worship & Production

Leadership Years

Ibukun Oshilagun

Leadership Year with Rachel Bhanu
Connect & Communications

Jonah Redmill

Leadership Year with Joel Barber
Media & Production

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