Our Story

Steve and Juliet's Story

Written by Steve Barber

In 2006 we felt Jesus speak to us about leaving Southend Vineyard, a church we had planted and led for 15 years, and to plant a new church.

How did we know Jesus was speaking to us? It was not just one event or just a feeling but a succession of events and a heart of obedience to what God was saying to us.

We are used to God speaking and directing us in our Christian lives, and so our walk with Jesus is never dull! God spoke to us through; people we respected, dreams, the Bible, circumstances and a small inner voice.

Why Leicester?

Once we had decided to move we had a list of boxes we wanted to tick. We wanted to be central in the country with good road access. Close to a university city, as we love working with students. Where God wanted us and also where there were lots of nice people. ​

I realise there are nice people everywhere, however this is a fun story. I kept saying to Juliet that wherever we moved there must be nice people (joking).

We were in Sainsbury’s in Oadby and I had a headache, so I went in to buy some Nurofen. All the tills were full and I almost left because of the queues. However, a young couple called me over.

At first I didn’t realise they were calling me but they persisted and so I went over. They invited me to the front of the queue, in their space in the queue, saying along with some other pleasantries: “this is just so you know there are nice people in Leicester”.

How good is that? ​ You see, God is interested in every detail of our lives and our calling. So, along with a list of confirmations we decided that we were being called to Leicester.

Our Journey So Far

2007 - The Church Begins

In January 2007, we moved our family from Southend to Leicester and started a small group in our home. We have taken our little group out on the streets of Leicester to pray for the sick and thrown lots of parties.

As people started to gather we held a monthly meeting to worship and teach the Bible @ Mobius Bar, but this quickly filled up. Therefore, in February 2008, we started Sunday morning services at the Walkers Stadium, in one of the function rooms.

We met at the Stadium until Leicester City Football Club were promoted, at which point we moved into our new home.

2014 - Our New Home

Early in 2014 we found a warehouse on Freemen’s Common, which we set about renovating to become our permanent home for both Church Services and activities during the week. Our first service here was in July 2014. We would love you to join us at Chroma Church and if you are looking for a church then you are especially welcome.

2017 - 2022 - Our New Mandate

On Easter Sunday 2017 we set a plan for the next five years. We became Chroma Church, a name we believe God gave us… to be a light on a hill, to show the God colours to the world.

Our heart is to pursue the presence of God. Moses said to the Lord:

“If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here. How will anyone know that you are pleased with me and with your people unless you go with us? What else will distinguish me and your people from all the other people on the face of the earth?”

Exodus 33:15

We want to be very much in our community, but ‘of heaven,’ so the world can see the goodness of God. We believe that the United Kingdom is due a move of God (revival); where his Church is renewed, and times of refreshing come upon our communities.

We wanted to move away from a denominational model of Church to one of relationship and mutual mission where we become a ‘fellowship of friends’ as we serve Jesus who is the head of the Church.

To this end we are now hosting Chroma Leaders Gathering and our Presence & Promise Conference. Salvation & baptisms are regular events in our services, and many of our church are involved in serving our community as our story unfolds.

What about the next 5 years?

His presence is our goal, we want hearts that know him, learning to stand in His council. We will continue to pursue the living God wherever he leads.

We are going after Salvation. If the purpose of the church is to love God, the mission of the Church is to unashamedly proclaim the gospel of the risen Jesus Christ to our city & nation.

We want a healthy church – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Jesus said go make disciples… who love the commands of Jesus and are overflowing with his Holy Spirit. We believe community is a by-product of growing in discipleship, not the goal. The church is not meant to produce community, the church sends disciples into their communities to bring transformation!

We want to take this presence of God out. We are starting to gather in other cities, worshipping in His presence, for His glory. We are not a brand, Chroma is our story; as we follow His lead, in His presence, we go out into the world and bring His light, life and transformation.

We are his servants. servants of our Jesus Christ, our Lord & saviour, the love of our lives. So, our prayer is we will be the continuing story of the unfolding Kingdom of God into Acts 29 and beyond.

Join us in our mission to express God's love to our city and beyond