The Chroma Freedom centre is a place where ministry is available to help you get free and to grow in spiritual maturity and formation.

We believe the Freedom Centre can be a place to connect with God and start on a journey of receiving inner healing. The appointments we offer can also provide a place for you to listen to the Lord’s encouragements so that you can fully step into your kingdom calling and destiny.

There are four types of appointments you can book via the Chroma Freedom Centre:


Liebusters is a ministry process where you connect with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and receive freedom. It is a spirit-to-Spirit process which the Liebuster facilitates. You’ll ask the Holy Spirit to show you any generational ties, or lies you have believed and places of pain and trauma where you may have got stuck. The Holy Spirit will reveal truth to you and set you free.

There will be times of connecting with the Father intimately so that you can experience His glory and know His purposes for your life. You will receive notes from the meeting and be encouraged to continue in the Freedom you receive. At this time, Liebusts are only available to people who are part of the Chroma Church community.

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These are focused on inner healing and deliverance. The sessions primarily look at four different areas; generational sin and curses, lies and ungodly beliefs, past hurt and trauma and demonic oppression. These are Holy Spirit led sessions which allow you to encounter God for yourself and see healing in areas of your heart that can hold you back from being all that God made you to be.

It is suited for both new and established Christians. At this time, Freedom Appointments are only available to people who are part of the Chroma Church community.

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This is our monthly prophetic sessions online and at Chroma. It’s a chance to hear prophetic words from God or an opportunity to receive prayer for physical healing in your body. We believe God is a healer and we believe He knows you intimately and wants to share how much He’s aware of you and loves you.

Our goal through this prophetic appointment is for you to feel the heart of Father God. It’s for anyone who wants to hear an encouraging word from God or needs a miracle in their body.

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In an online appointment, chat to our experienced team about your business, career or work situation. We will invite God to bring his solutions and guidance into your work through conversation and prophetic prayer. Our aim is to see heaven come through business. You may be starting out in business, you may be wanting to know the next step in your career, you may be a marketplace or community leader who wants God's wisdom on a certain issue.

Our team has founded and led a variety of businesses over the years and have hands-on experience of God's miraculous work in and through their organisations. We look forward to helping you experience God's heart and insight.

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So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

(John 8:36)

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