Our 3-part transformation track has been designed to support the growth of every believer who calls Chroma their home church into maturity in Christ. As each of the stages are completed, we prepare every individual in our church to walk out a supernatural lifestyle that sees transformation in their lives, and transformation in the world around them.

If you have recently given your life to Jesus or re-committed your life to Him, then the 'New Life' evenings are the perfect place for you to take those first steps with God, meet other new believers and ask all your questions.

We’ll be sharing stories of how each of us encountered God as well as hear some teaching on Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit.

The early church simply shared their lives together, this is what we want to do with you!

Share life with you over dinner!


This is for Christians who have just started learning to walk in their new life with Jesus. They’re beginning to take the first steps in their understanding of Christianity, and to gain more knowledge of God and the world around them.

This group will use the ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’ course material to go on this stage of the journey. This is for more depth of understanding regarding the history of Christianity, the Biblical account, and our identity as Christians, or ‘little Christs’.


Chroma School of Transformation is a 8 week course that runs every Monday. Come and learn about the importance of your story in the greatest story ever told. The gospel is not just a message of salvation, it's about transforming into the likeness of Jesus, and seeing the earth transformed into Jesus' kingdom.

Earth becoming heaven. If you want to see your life transformed by the power of Christ and the knowledge of His words, then this is the place for you.

We believe this course will give you keys to unlock the doors of personal transformation, and see the world around you transformed as a result.


Join to the great commission of Christ